Hvítasunnukirkjan Fíladelfía

Small Groups

 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

What are small Groups?
Small Groups consist of people who regularly meet up in each others' homes to connect with one another, build each other up and have constructive discussions. The groups are generally quite small, or around 12 individuals or fewer. This makes it possible to create a personal atmosphere and deep lasting friendships are formed in these groups.

There are a number of small Groups currently active in Fíladelfía and we encourage everyone to try out joining a small group. These groups are diverse; some are gender specific, for the whole family, whilst others are for married couples, and so on.

How often do Fellowship Groups meet and what do they do?

In general, small groups meet every other week. First and foremost, it is enjoyable to belong to a small group. This is where you can come to spend good and constructive time with friends. The groups are different but the following is a common setup of an evening:

- The evening usually starts with light refreshments and chatting
- Most groups then discuss material connected to a teaching series
- The evening typically ends with prayer with and for one another

If you would like to join a small Group, you can connect with us either by signing up at the Information Desk after a Sunday Service, calling Fíladelfía's office number 5354700, or by registering below.

I am interested in joining a Fellowship Group

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Small groups help people grow in their faith and to belong to a community. The groups take place during different times of the week, in different places of the Capital area, and each group is unique. This is why the form below is helpful in finding a group which will suit you the best!